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About me... I recently graduated from Lehigh University with a fascinating degree in electrical engineering. Unfortunately, engineering is not my passion. Expensive designer clothing, shoes, and accessories are. And engineers make pretty good money. Plus I like math. So that's that. (Plus I love being the most fashionable and it's pretty easy when you're surrounded by other engineers...)

So when I'm not calibrating dirty motors at work, running at the gym, or raging, I'm probably at the mall.

I've created this great little spot for me to write about adorable things I see, wine about expensive things I can't afford, and brag about things I've bought as well as just discuss general fashion. I am lucky enough to live so close to King of Prussia mall, the fashion mecca of the eastern seaboard (well, to me) which is where I do most of my (window) shopping. More to come.

Peace and love,


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