she's crafty

How adorable is this Thorn beer tab necklace? I really miss being in college and this necklace definitely remind me of it. It's a neat way to make something trashy and fun look elegant (well, at least in my slightly strange opinion).

What I do not enjoy is the $231 price tag (on sale for $115 at shopbop but still a tad pricy for me). I'm all about buying expensive things but usually clothes, purses, and shoes take precedence over jewelry so I really don't end up with much $$ leftover for jewelry. So while I am on my self imposed no spending weekend I am going to head over to the craft store to pick up some necklace chains and silver or maybe gold spray paint to construct my own. If they turn out well I plan on making them for my college ladies at our upcoming reunion in Chicago (the main reason behind my budget cut). So I'll post pics of my version of this fabulous necklace once I get some time to make them.

Peace and beer tabs,


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