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It's getting down to shore house crunch time and I am in desperate need of a GIANT weekender/duffel bag to take with me every weekend. I am sick of carrying 2 smallish tote bags plus a giant purse on every weekend adventure I embark on. You would be surprised at how challenging it is to find cute duffel bags that are large enough to hold everything I need and that aren't LeSportSac. I don't *really* have anything against LeSportSac, it's quite the opposite really. I found this amazing tattoo inspired print (anyone know what I'm talking about?) at Bloomingdales on some of their smaller bag varieties. I believe it was called Ink. But Bloomingdales doesn't carry the extra large weekender (or any weekender version) so I searched and searched online to no avail. The LeSportSac website didn't offer the print and I couldn't find it anywhere. It was like the mystery print. So ever since then I haven't been able to find a print I liked as much. Some of them on the website are alright, but they're not the Ink. Sigh. But it seems as if LeSportSac has the monopoly on cute duffel bags because I haven't been able to find many other versions.
Most of the bags under Shopbop's weekender category just look like tote bags to me. I don't know what kind of people can fit a weekend's worth of stuff into a tote bag, but they are definitely not the same kind of people who religiously visit Shopbop. Anyway, here is my favorite of the weekend bag category:
(picture from shopbop.com)

It's the Distinguished Dot Duffel from Marc by Marc Jacobs. It measures 10" x 18" x 7". Seems too small. But it is marked down to $156.60 from $228....

Sadly, that's the only bag I've found that I've really liked and it's too small. Anyone know where to find a extremely large extremely fashionable duffel bag? Bonus if it's not LeSportSac. Double extra mega bonus if it's IS LeSportSac but it's the Ink....

PS - Remember those weird looking green platform sandals I told you to not buy the other day? Well they're on the front page of shopbop today scaring customers away from their spring/summer shoe purchases.

Peace and fun filled weekends,


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