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As I mentioned yesterday, the Jovovich-Hawk sale was today on Hautelook. Anddddd I bought a dress! Oh the things I do for you, my loyal readers... I am so excited to add Jovovich-Hawk to my closet. I really can't wait to get the dress, I wonder how long it takes with the standard cheap shipping. I had some trouble deciding between two lovely dresses:

Here is the India Mini.

And this is the Misty Mini

I liked the color and print of the India better, but it looked like the Misty would fit me better (ie. not look like a giant flowery sack) because of the waistline. So I went with the Misty. I hope it fits and looks as fantastic as I picture it looking in my head. Can't wait to wear this one this summer....or, you know, the minute I get it.

Also, Neiman Marcus is having some crazy sale where if you spend $500, you get a $200 gift card that has some restrictions (I can't remember exactly because I deleted the email to avoid the temptation...) but still, its a pretty fantastic deal. Before I remembered the Jovovich-Hawk sale I was perusing the Marc by Marc Jacobs and Cole Haan bag selections. I really love those Marc Jacobs bags I posted about before (...if I had a million dollars...) because the colors are so bright and fun and springsummery. My unnecessary expensive bag purchase will have to be put on hold for awhile though while I recover from the Jovovich-Hawk and Bloomingdales sales.

I am on the lookout for more strappy wedge sandals similar to my DKNY ones because they are just so darn comfortable. I feel like I am just going to wear them so much this summer they will get pretty ruined. The floors of the bars in Sea Isle City are not known for their dryness or cleanliness. Basically when you get home from the bar, your feet usually end up looking something like this:

feet of an anonymous victim of the SIC bar floors

Anyway, the shoes are so high, I love it. I am a little weirded out by being taller then people I am not normally taller then, but I guess I'll get over that soon. Or I'll just request that everyone else around me wear shoes of similar height. Problem solved.

Peace and hippie dresses,


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