etsy and diy inspiration

As promised, here are a few of the many post earrings that caught my eye on Etsy yesterday.

Little White Vintage Rose - niftythriftyowl, LP Records - sypria

Pom Pom's - Dangsworld, Sunset and Tree Button Art - ttgart, Itty Bitty Turquoise Studs - wildflowerdesigns

Soar Studs - the intuitive garden, Tiny Tulip Garden - Anna Tillett
They had so many adorable options. I am having trouble narrowing it down... I really love the Pom Pom ones. And the Itty Bitty Turquoise ones. (ok so I love anything tie dye and anything turquoise..) And the birdy ones. Oh, and the flower fabric ones. And the white rose ones are so delicate looking... Those LP ones are really neat looking, definitely a conversation starter... And the little tree and sunset ones... Like I said, narrowing it down is going to be a problem.
While browsing the website, looking for the perfect hippie headband, I really caught the do-it-yourself vibe and decided that I'm going to make my own headband. Hello, weekend project. My plan is to get some leather-ish strands from AC Moore, maybe some hemp as well, and either make 2 separate braided headbands or braid the leather and hemp together. I still have a lot of leftover white and turquoise beads from my necklace making so I'm thinking I'll try to incorporate them into the braid as well to give the headband a little weight and hopefully make it stay on my head better. Feathers? Maybe. I'll post pictures when it's all done. If my beer tab necklaces are any indication, these headbands will be a raging success.
Peace and creativity,

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