red bull

So I've been nursing an unhealthy Red Bull addiction for about 8 months now. I don't drink coffee (bleh) or soda with caffeine (more of a diet ging kinda gal) so I was never a big caffeine drinker. I would have one of those Wawa fake cappuccino machine drinks during finals every once and awhile but that was about it. I started work last year with no regular caffeine schedule. I never needed it before? Why should I need it now? Oh, that right, because I can't skip work and take naps all day like I did in college... I was OK in the beginning but by the end of summer, I would find myself practically drifting off at my desk around 3 while everyone else was on their fourth or fifth cup of coffee. Then I discovered the glorious-ness that is Red Bull (well, I discovered it can be useful outside of a pregame/bar situation). Not soon after, I discovered his skinny calorie conscious sister, Sugar Free. I was hooked. Ever since then, I drink a sugar free Red Bull every morning at work while I eat my breakfast. Recently I've been having trouble sleeping and having some tiny itty bitty pains in my chest which may not at all be related (hey, I'm no doctor) but nonetheless have caused me to attempt to not drink it as much. I usually drink one around 8:30 or 9. I rarely get tired at any point in the day. Yesterday I substituted a Engiva Green Tea Berry drink. I'm not a huge green tea fan but it was fairly tasty. I didn't notice any fatigue at all yesterday (that I can recall... maybe I was just too tired to notice). Today, I decided to go cold turkey. All throughout the mid morning, I'm thinking to myself, maybe it is all mental. I feel fine. I don't NEED NO STINKING RED BULL. People who drink coffee and tea and energy drinks are WEAK and DUMB and shouldn't be allowed to drive a car much less leave the house. And then one o'clock hits. It's so bizarre. I feel like I've suddenly been up for like 2 days straight. I can't finish my thoughts or focus on anything. I can't function like this. I'M ADDICTED. I think those green tea drinks are a little better health wise then the Red Bulls, so I'm going to focus on them next week and see how it feels.
And how does this all tie into fashion, clothes, and shoes? I'm too TIRED / UNFOCUSED / I NEED A RED BULL YOU BASTARD / SLEEPY / DISTRACTED to think of anything funny or fashionable to post. Sad face. Sleepy sad face.
What do YOU do to stay awake?
Peace and caffeine addictions,


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