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So let me give you a background of my relationship with cameras (both digital and disposable). I had a ton of disposable cameras throughout high school and into freshman year of college. Usually, I would take about 17 of the 20 pictures, forget about it, find it approx 3-4 months later and maybe get it developed but usually just throw it away. A moment of silence for all those lost (drunk) memories.

Then sophomore year, all my friends started to get fancy digital cameras. I always meant to buy one but I never got around to it. Mainly because when all your friends have cameras and take billions of shots of not only the same night, but the same actual picture, why waste your money on a camera of your own? Plus when you own your own camera, you have to carry it around (obvious, I know, but I am lazy and like to carry as little stuff as possible) plus you have to worry about it getting ruined or broken or stolen (or, you can not worry about those sorts of things and actually get your camera ruined, or broken, or stolen...), PLUS you have to remember to actually take it out and use it. A lot of work, if you ask me. Especially when I can just steal other people pictures. (Apparently I was into this tactic freshman and sophomore years because I just rediscovered my old webshots account with like, 6 or 7 albums of stolen pics...)

For my 21st birthday my parents bought me a digital camera which was completely unexpected. I was grateful, of course, but I never really got around to using it (batteries... just another annoyance). I have no idea where that camera is today.

My sister is big into cameras and taking pictures so my thing for awhile was to borrow her camera for certain exciting events (Halloween, fancy bowling, new tattoos, bar crawling). That seemed to work out well because I had a camera pretty much whenever I wanted it but I never had to commit to actually buying one.

Then... St. Patty's Day happened. Dun dun dun. We went on an all day bar crawl in my old neighborhood. Sometime at the 4th (3rd?) bar, I managed to lose not only my shamrock sunglasses and giant leprechaun hat (truly a tragedy), but also my sister's camera (and all the ridiculous pictures of myself and others in the aforementioned accessories)... I had to take her to walmart the next morning and buy her a new one which put a severe damper in my adorable clothes/fashionable accessories/extravagant shoe budget. She had the camera for about a week before the lens broke. (Coincidentally, the camera broke at another St. Patty's Day bar crawl the next weekend but this time it was not my fault... Not that I remember, at least...)

My family is not known for 'getting things done' especially at a 'rapid pace' so basically we just sent the camera back for repairs this past week. The point of this rambling post about cameras is once we get the camera back my sister has decided to give it to me and buy herself a new fancy semi professional one with the big lens. I'm excited (mainly cause I paid for it in the first place) to have a camera, especially for the blog. So I guess the real point of the post is:

But don't get, like, too ready cause it's still awhile until we get the camera back. So, chill out for awhile. Yeah.
Hmm I can't think of anything particularly fashion-y to write about. My friend Rachel is coming to shop at KOP this weekend before her big move to Hong Kong for her job and she has appointed me tour guide and personal shopper/stylist (ok, maybe I appointed myself..) so I'll have some lovely KOP updates next week.
Also - Winona from DaddyLikey (my blogging idol for sometime now) commented on my little blog yesterday! I feel like I just met a celebrity haha. I have been catapulted into blog superstardom. I'm going to need business cards. And an assistant. And an iced latte (and I don't even like coffee) Stat.
**ONE WEEK** til the shore. So much to do!
Peace and good camera karma,

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