the amazing dress

Yesterday while I was getting ready to leave work, I was browsing the American Apparel site. I came across this dress:

It's the cotton spandex jersey bandeau dress. They say it can be worn either strapless or as a halter. But it doesn't stop there! There is this little video thingy that says it will show you 15 ways to wear this dress. So I'm thinking, 15? They're probably all basically same way but with just a few small changes. I got sucked into this video thing. I watched all 15 videos, probably each about a minute long, of this girl who just keeps putting the dress on in different ways. It was pretty crazy, I was amazed. I even stayed at work a little later the usual to finish up the video. The way that is shown at the top is actually one of my least favorites. A better look is when you twist the straps in the front (instead of just crossing them) and then tie it as a halter (shown in the yellow and black versions below). You can also knot it in the front, then tie it as a halter. There were a few strapless versions that seemed neat but I think I would prefer to have some sort of strap. There were about 3 versions where the girl just tucked the straps into the top to make it look like a dress with regular straps or a jumper which looked great but seemed really impractical because the straps were not attached to anything. You can twist the dress to the side and tie the straps over one shoulder to get a cool asymmetrical look. There are 2 versions of the dress as a skirt. They are basically the same thing, one is a high waist and one is a regular skirt, both use the halter straps as a belt. The 14th look is absolutely insane. The girl takes off the dress completely (don't worry, she is wearing a full AA spandex bodysuit), flips it upside down, and steps into it. I'm thinking, what is this girl doing? Then she gathers the bottom of the dress around her neck and ties it at the back to form a cowl-neck halter but since the top of the dress is around her waist, its really fitted. The halter straps are used as a belt at the bottom of the 'shirt'. I can't believe I just wasted 15 more minutes of my life watching this video again. I'm going to need this dress. Now, the question is: What color?

The dress is $36 but there are 15 ways to wear it!!! $2.40 per look. It's like they're giving it away.

Peace and versatility,


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