It's Tuesday and I'm back at work. The weekend was amazingly fantastically awesome and fun. We left at 4 on Friday, expecting to sit in traffic for hours and hours... and there was no traffic. It was seriously bizarre. Like, was Memorial Day weekend canceled and no one told us? Was there a giant 50 story wave headed straight for the Jersey shore and we were driving to our imminent deaths? Were we really headed in the opposite direction and going to end up somewhere in Ohio? It was strange, and we got down there in about 2 and a half hours (I guess that good traffic karma did really work). We unpacked and settled into our adorable little room. There are about 20 people in the house, and we have 4 bedrooms. The house is pretty awesome. We have a giant living room, 2 decks, and 2.5 bathrooms, plus parking for like 6 cars which is really key. We pregamed for a bit then headed out to the bar. The cover was $10 (seriously?). We were there about a half hour when some douchebag dropped a beer bottle on my foot. It was so painful I started to cry like a little baby, but what I really looked like was a stupid drunk girl who was crying in a bar about boys and stickers when in reality I was just a semi drunk girl crying in a bar about her toe. So that was a tad embarrassing, not to mention sobering. We left soon after that and called it an early night. Saturday and Sunday were filled with running/walking, the beach, visiting with my family and their new puppy, trips to Wawa, BudLights, and Mexican food and drinks. It was a pretty relaxing weekend when we weren't drinking, except we were all up by like 8am every morning, being loud and talking about the events from the night before (like who slept out, who was swinging from our living room rafters at 3 in the morning, and who is that sleeping in our hallway?). I got about 20 hours of sleep the whole weekend, which may not seem awful or horrible, but I require much more to be a functioning human being. Monday was nice, we hit up the beach for awhile but it was pretty cold and windy, so we ended up packing and heading back around 12:30. It was pretty trafficy but we were making ok progress until we got to the tolls and realized that we had spent our last DOLLAR at the bar on Sunday night. This was a problem. The ATM's at the rest stops were all out of cash. No one gave us cash back. We literally only had pennies. The first toll let us through with a little slip that we have to mail in. We were not so lucky on the Walt Whitman toll. Apparently, they don't allow you to mail in your money. We had to pull over to the side of the road and wait for a police officer. He gave us 3 options; have someone bring us the money (Hey mom, would you mind driving down into Philly on the Monday afternoon of Memorial day weekend, crossing over the Walt Whitman into Jersey, turning around and going back across it, meeting me on the side of the road and bringing me $1.50? Thanks, you're the best....), look through your car until you find it (we had already done that, duh) or driving back into Jersey, finding an ATM, getting money out, and coming over again. So that's what we had to do. So annoying but we're so dumb for not even having $2 between us...It made the trip back take significantly longer. By the time I dropped Court off and headed home, it was already 5. Gross. But still, one of the best weekends I've had in awhile and I get to do it again and again and again until Labor Day!

And I'm aware this post had absolutely nothing to do with fashion or clothes or anything like that but I had to discuss my weekend. I wore a lot of dresses and the wedges. Hope everyone's weekend was as entertaining and fun as mine!

Peace and long weekends,


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