Last night I took my sister to the mall. I didn't really need anything and I probably shouldn't have bought anything but oh well. We went to Urban. Most times I walk around that store and look at the semi-strange items and don't see anything worth trying on. Unfortunately for my bank account (which is now $600 richer, thanks to le government, score) I found a ton of really cute shirts and dresses last night. I checked on the website and neither of the two dresses I ended up buying are on there. They would be pretty hard to describe so, well I just won't. Maybe there will be pictures soon. They're both by Lux, undoubtedly my favorite dress brand. I also picked up three long necklaces, two gold and one silver with leaves and birds on them. I am really trying to get my jewelry collection up to speed before the summer. Then we hit up Old Navy and I picked up this really cute yellow and green head scarf. There's no picture of that on the site either. Grr.. What is a post without pretty pictures? Not actually owning a camera severely limits my picture posting ability.

Then I dragged my sister into Michael's real quick so I could get my hippie headband materials. I found this awesome leather cord combo pack, with 9 foot cords of brown, tan, and black leather. That was pretty much all I needed... I made the headband prototype today in between cleaning my room and downloading music. I really wanted to post a picture of it but like I said before, no camera. Then I remembered my webcam..

Here it is! This is my best attempt to do the 'casual look away from the camera' that fashiontoast does so well. I am really pleased with it, especially for the first try. I just braided all 3 of the colors together.

I got pretty fancy here and I braided a hair elastic into the headband so it would sit tight on my head. I left room at the ends to tie it in the back and cover up the elastic. I wasn't sure how much cord I would need but not that I know, I'll be able to make more easily. I am definitely going to incorporate beads into my next one. I may have to change my material because I noticed that the leather had stained my hands while I was braiding it and a stained forehead is probably an unattractive look... DIY mission: pretty successful.

Peace and headbands,


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daddylikeyblog said...

Oh my god you look gorgeous! I want one!