a possible solution...

...to my Margiela shoe OBSESSION:

They are the Triumphh from the king of knock-offs, Mr. Steve Madden. Obv I love the Margiels more but the thicker strap across the toes might make them easier to walk in and therefore a bit more practical. They're only available for pre-order now and they won't be shipped until October sometime. But since they cost approx 1/5 of the real Margielas I found on yoox or eluxury or something, these lovlies are actually do-able. They also come in black suede (kinda boring) and purple suede (surprisingly cute and interesting). I would most likely stick with the taupe.

Looks like it might a Steve Madden fall....
These are the Ginn bootie. Personally, I like the black version better but I put this picture up because the bronze metallic showed off the details better. Definitely a possibility..
Ah and here we have the Midory peep toe bootie. They have it in a bunch of colors and fabrics, but I am drawn to this black patent. The black and pewter leather ones are nice too, but they are a bit too similar to my other Steve Madden peep toe booties. Plus this one would look good with the whole skinny jean, motorcycle jacket, rock star boyfriend look I'm going for.

Here is the famous SATC knock-off heel, the Maddiee. I figure if I went crazy and got it in the green snake, it would look so .. knock-off-y. These would definitely add some visual interest to any plain outfit. And I'm not usually a green snakeskin kinda girl, but I could see myself in these.

(All pictures from SteveMadden.com)

Last night I went to the craft store and bought black dye, and also a kind of bleach dye. I also bought more suede straps to make more headbands (!!) and necklace clasps so I can stop using string and scissors every time I want to put my homemade necklaces on or take them off. I also went to CVS and bought off-white tights (and deodorant and sour watermelons) to begin my DIY ombre tights experiment. Hopefully tonight!

Peace and cheap knock-offs,


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LeWak said...

I have the top pair...so nice but gave me lots of blisters..ouch