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July 31, 2008 by you.

DSC00521 by you.

Jeans - Citizens, T-Shirt - Urban, Blouse - JCrew, Blazer - Gap, Wedges - Seychelles, Necklace - South Moon Under

To do: get better at freaking posing for a picture, get a new camera that doesn't make everything weird and blurry, hire a fancy new photographer. It's gonna be a long week...

So this was the night we went to see my cousin perform in Grease. She was the high school principal, so she wasn't on stage a ton but when she was, it was front and center. The play was good. I found certain parts kinda strange for a children's play like the cursing, the violent pelvic thrusting, the middle fingers, and the talking about boobs, sex, and pregnancy. I mean, I know all those things were in the original Grease but they are usually left out of the child performances...

Anyway, I had just worn the pants and jacket to dinner at the Melting Pot (still full from that meal, by the way) and when I find something in my closet I like, I tend to wear it for a few days (For example, I wore the t-shirt and blouse to work the next day with jeans and flip flops...). I would say it's because I like to rework my old clothes and wear them different ways, but it's really just laziness. I wanted to wear the blouse, and since I have an unhealthy need to layer absolutely everything, I put the t-shirt underneath. It was VERY hot outside but I knew they play would be freezing so I packed the white jacket. The necklace was a birthday present (yay presents!). It's a letter K and a star, you can actually see the K in the pictures.

I washed my car tonight for the first time... ever. I've had it for about a year. So that was pretty fun and exciting. Now I'm doing laundry. Looks like there might even be a little room cleaning on the horizon. Wild times.

PS - I spent about $150 at Ulta (it's like a Sephora, but not as big and intimidating. But it still manages to have all the same things. It's magical.) on Saturday so I'm busy putting everything to the test so expect a beauty post.. eventually.

Peace and organizational Mondays,


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