in case anyone cares...

I'm still sick. Sad face. Stuffy, red nose. Thoughts are foggy. Want to be in bed. All the time.

But! I found out I'm going to Luxembourg for a week for work!!! It's not until November, but I have already started to mentally pack and make a list of adorable fall business casual/just plain casual/fancy clothes I need. And, I feel like a fashion blogger zombie because after I saw those studded booties on Karla and Rumi, I had to check out the shoe selection at Victoria's Secret (who knew?). I was tempted to just order the same ones, but I found other ones that were more my style. I ordered 2 pairs of boots. I just took Nyquil so I obviously can't do anything crazy like post their pictures now, but maybe tomorrow.

Peace and healthy vibes,


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