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Would you make fun of me if I wore this Betsey Johnson Large Tropical Fish Ring?


No, of course not. How could you? Its sparkly and tropical and adorable!

How about if I wore it at the same time as the Betsey Johnson Tropical Fish Earrings with Chains?


Would you still be my friend? (PS I'm a HUGE fan of asymmetrical earrings)

What if I added the Large Rhinestone Tropical Fish Pendant to the ensemble?

(excuse me Betsey, $175???)

Aw, you'd still hang out with me? You're the bestest friend ever! 

In that case, I'm just going to go ahead and put this on too...


It's the Betsey Johnson Y Necklace with Hanging Fish and Hook.

Man, I have some sort of sick obsession with fish/lobster/octopus jewelry. I kinda want to buy these and wear them all at once, for reals. Well, maybe not that $155 necklace, but basically everything else.

TGIF, eh? Have a GREAT weekend everyone!

Peace and tropical fish overload,


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tiz said...

These are the most acceptable of the sea creature jewlery i've seen from you...