personal shopper? ole.

I just got this email from Anthro telling me that they now offer free personal shopping. You can just call up a store and make an appointment with their personal shopper. I guess you tell them your sizes and what you like and they will have a bunch of stuff already ready for you to try on. Plus they will stay with you while you try things on and give their opinions and get new sizes as needed. Seems like a pretty fancy service to be giving away for free. I would maybe do it once to feel cool and special but honestly, walking around Anthro and discovering things is one of my favorite shopping experiences. I love just being in that store. I'm not sure how much I would trust another person to pick out my clothes for me, although a second set of unbiased (aka not a friend) eyes couldn't hurt in the dressing room....

Tonight I am headed down the shore. I am going to try to take my sister's camera to get some good photos in.

More importantly, tomorrow I am coming home to go to the JIMMY BUFFETT concert.

If you didn't know, I am a GIANT Jimmy Buffett fan. He is my favorite singer and absolutely hands down my favorite to see live. His concerts are amazingly fun and crazy. I have been to approx. 26 (I am a second generation parrot head, what can I say?) The concert starts around 9 and a few of my parents wild friends are getting down to the tailgate parking lot at 9AM. AM!! Crazy kids. I love it when I get out-partied by the old folks. They are bringing a party bus and a kiddie pool (or 2) and they are actually getting sand delivered (so I hear). Quite a scene. I am DEFINITELY taking her camera for that. Hopefully I'll get some fantastic hilarious 'street shots' of parrot heads in their full glory.

(all pictures from margaritaville.com)

If you weekend is half as amazing and fun as I know mine will be, congratulations! Enjoy!

Peace and margaritaville,


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Anonymous said...

Lenny, our personal shopper rocks my socks. Just for the record.