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And I am back from my little beach vacation. It was lovely, relaxing and non-relaxing, and I got to see not only my friends but also my family, whom I love love love. We got down Thursday morning and everyone took a nap. We basically just laid around all day, ate, watched tv, read books. We didn't even make it to the beach! Friday I was determined to work on my tan level so I spent most of the day on the beach or laying out in my uncles back yard. Friday night was crazy as usual. I wore my new French Connection purple halter dress. It was so fun and girly and pretty. I was just twirling around in it all night. Saturday was spent on my uncle's boat and playing games with my little cousins. Oh, and eating and watching tv and laying around. We tried to make it out to happy hour but ended up drinking too much at the house and just stayed in and grilled. Saturday night pretty awesome. I wore my lovely Free People dress with the lacy bandeau top underneath. The general consensus was good so I ripped off the tags. I thought this would be a great opportunity to show off my leather braided hippie headband so I put it on. The girls thought I looked a little too hippie but I didn't care, I wore it out anyway. It was adorable, in my opinion. Unfortunately I got too attached to the look and I refused to take off the headband and put my hair up at the bar which lead to a lot of unnecessary sweating and also an early departure. Oh the things I do for fashion.

I ended up staying down last night. I went to happy hour and dinner with the family. I was so tired I fell asleep around 9, which was good because I had to wake up at 5 to drive home for work. It was worth it though, cause happy hour was fun and dinner was delicious and I'm not really that tired (yet) and I got into work so early that I can leave at 3. Score. Untz.

As usual, I took zero picture. But my uncle took a ton, my sister took a few and I'm sure the people in my house took some so maybe I'll have something to show. Probably not. I really have to stop talking about pictures here.

More good news - Friday is 4th of July! A day off work! Another short week! I need to get some new adorable dresses for the upcoming weekend so I'm planning on hitting up Bloomingdales later in the week to use those lovely coupons I acquired by spending so much money at the last sale...

Peace and sweat,


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Thank you and your blog is very lovely too