your hair and your fashion sense.

Do you think that your natural hair type influences your fashion sense? I have naturally curly hair, and my style tends towards the bohemian side of things. I associate curls with the hippie look. I like how curls look messy and natural and a little unkempt (I think I have fully straightened my hair like 4 times in my life). Similarly, I go for the 'calculated messy' style, if that makes any sense (over sized shirts, dresses with boots, flow-y anything, headbands, funky jewelry). My bff Court, on the other hand, has stick straight hair, and her style is more preppy and put together (nautical, more classic rather then trendy). I started to wonder, if we had each other's hair types, would our fashion style remain the same? I have had curly hair for the majority of my life so I think that it probably played a part in the development of my style. Do you think your hair plays a part in how you dress? Do you straighten your naturally curly hair (or curl your straight locks) depending on what kind of look you are going for and outfit you are wearing? Do you agree straight hair ladies tend towards a more preppy look while curly haired girls go for bohemian?

Speaking of bohemian, I spent some time today on ebay looking for some good vintage dresses. I was inspired by FashionToast and Liebemarlene's ebay stores so I started to look up other vintage store. I found two great ones, and I placed bids on 3 dresses! I'm so excited... I'll post pics AFTER I win them...

It was 100 degrees today when I got in my car after work at 4:30. 100 degrees at 4:30!!!

Peace and la vie boheme,


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