Get ready for a lot of fairly meaningless pictures....

So tonight I served wine and beer at a kegger in a Catholic grade school gym. I know this sounds strange and hard to believe so I took pictures:

Kegs (Yungling and Coors Light)

Gym ceiling pics (pretty artsy, no?)

Balloons!! Posters!! Blessings!!

My ultra fashionable father. I like to dress him like a 20 year old frat boy.

Before the party started I passed the time by taking pictures of my lovely feet and adorable new sandals!! And my pretty flower skirt!!!

Some cemetery pictures on the way out.

I found my $3.50 F21 sunglasses like this when I got into my car this morning. Tragic. But they do make for some pretty funny pictures.

For example:

My little sister was very sad to find the glasses broken...

And my first attempt at outfit pics...

High waist flower skirt and sleeveless white shirt, Anthropologie. Teal suede fringe bag, Urban Outfitters. Sandals, Marc by MJ.

Clearly I have to work on my self portraits. The camera was being all fuzzy and unfocused no matter what setting I put it on so that was really annoying... Help!

Peace and random pictures,



gilda said...

those glasses are kinda funny. and why are catholics drinking wine and beer!! j/k.

Anonymous said...

haaa I have that floral skirt, but I have to return it because it is too big in the waist. It was on sale, and I got super excited so I just bought it, thinking that size didn't really matter. Apparently it does, I can jump out of it.