everyone's a winner!

We all know that isn't true. Some people are losers. But not me! I got an honorable mention in the Prada Wallet Haiku contest over at DaddyLikey. I feel like such a poet! I won the 'Most Stylish Amputee' award which may make more sense after you read my breathtakingly beautiful haiku:
if i received a
left Louboutin heel i would
cut off my right foot
It's pretty hilarious that she mentioned mine, there were over 200 entries!! What lovely news on a Monday!
So this weekend I brought my camera down the shore and guess how many pictures I took? Zero. I suck. The highlight of the weekend was definitely the Jort dance party that the guys in our house put on for us on Saturday evening. In case you are unfamiliar with the Jort (and I'm not sure why I feel the need to capitalize it...), its the lovely combination of jean and shorts. They are typically worn by sometimes fashionable women but mostly unfashionable men and women. They guys had apparently gotten together and declared it Jorts Weekend. For most of them it consisted of getting into their girlfriends or sisters jean shorts and prancing around in our living room in them. It was quite a hilarious scene. Unfortunately they all got changed before going out in public but everyone took a ton of pictures so the memory will live on.
Also, the giant gold lobster necklace made its debut this weekend but it was a post Happy Hour semi drunk accessory decision so it was probably not the best choice. I wore it with my flowery Lux dress and you couldn't really see the lobster. Oh well, at least it made it out of my jewelry box...
Peace and drunk accessory decisions,


WendyB said...

Your haiku cracked me up!

tiz said...

I cannot believe i missed the jorts party!!!