the white blazer

july 30, 2008 by you.

DSC00508 by you.

DSC00506 by you.

DSC00511 by you.

Shirt - Free People 'dress'
Jeans - Citizen's flares (with anchors on the pockets!)
Bag - Fringy goodness from Urban
Shoes - DKNY from Loehmann's (holler)

Like I said, some of my friends and I went to Melting Pot last night for dinner. It was 'Ladies Night' so we got all four courses for only $30, which may still seem like a lot but its a pretty good compared to their normal prices. Anyways, it was so good I'm going to talk about it in detail. We got the cheddar cheese and the mexican cheese fondue. That came with chips, bread, apples (surprisingly refreshing in cheese...) and veggies. Then we all got salads. For the main course, we each got raviolis, chicken, shrimp and beef. We chose two different cooking oils. Plus it came with like 18 different sauces, and you know how much I love sauces... Teriyaki, sweet and sour, spicy shrimp cocktail.. and some much more interesting ones I can't remember now. Thennnn came dessert. We got regular milk chocolate and then a smores one, which was milk chocolate with marshmallow and graham cracker stirred in. I stuck with that one. It came with cheesecake, pound-cake, brownies, graham cracker covered marshmallows, oreo covered marshmallows, bananas, rice crispy treats, and strawberries. The amount of food is unbelievable. That place is a freak show. I ate a lot of cheese and chocolate and could have done without the main course to be honest. But it was all delicious. And a very fun atmosphere. We would probably go more if it weren't so crazily expensive. Oh well.

And more importantly, le outfit. It's my interpretation of how to wear the white blazer. The 'shirt' I'm wearing is technically a dress and I've worn it as such down the shore, but back at home (and sober) it seemed like it needed pants. Since we weren't doing much walking, I took the opportunity to wear my DKNY espadrilles that I got from Loehmann's. I actually hadn't worn them yet. The wedge makes them more comfortable but it's realllly thin, and the strap only ties around the ankle so there isn't much support there. But they're great for walking from a car to a restaurant in! Also, I've been leaving all my jewelry down the shore cause I never usually do fun things at night during the week, so that is why there is none in the picture. But then again, I think the dress kinda speaks for itself.

PS - The outfit shots were taken AFTER all that food was eaten. How brave of me, right? But how could I not share this lovely ensemble with all my adoring readers?

Have a lovely evening everyone!

Peace and white blazers,


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WendyB said...

Love your fringe bag. Impressive cleavage too! ;-)