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Quick updates:

The nail polish on 2 of my fingers is already majorly chipped. So it lasted about 4 days. Grr.

This weekend was super fun and seemed like it lasted forever. The weather was lovely until Sunday, when it poured like CRAZY all afternoon/evening. The shore got so flooded there were people swimming and canoeing in the streets, for reals. We all stayed down an extra night and went to Sunday happy hour, which is way more crazy and crowded then you would expect a Sunday happy hour to be.

I had two, yes TWO, birthday cakes. So much birthday love. :)

I re-wore old dresses but I still managed to look adorable - I guess you don't really need a new dress every weekend...

I took a half day at work today and came in at noon. It was lovely, but it means I have to actually get some work done now....

Hence the quick post. More tonight...

Peace and dancing in the rain,


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♥ fashion chalet said...

How fun, we both love the same things. I wish I could pull of Heidi braids too! ^_^