go nutsie!

So on the hilarious radio show I listen to every morning they were interviewing Duff McKagen from Guns N Roses and Velvet Revolver. He has started this new website along with some guy from Presidents of the Unites States of America (Peaches!!). The site is nuTsie.com. So basically you can go to the site and join it and upload your iTunes library from your home PC. The site gets all the information from your library (not the actual songs) and saves it under your name. THEN, you can log into the site from any PC and listen to ALL your songs. PLUS, you can listen to other user's playlists. Then they also have a ton of lists like Top Songs by Year (but its user chosen, not Billboard top songs), 100 Greatest Rock Ballads, 100 Greatest Rap/Hip Hop Songs, 100 Greatest Disco Songs (haha), Greatest Cover Songs, ect. You can listen to all of these songs for freeeee. I'm sure there are other sites like this out there (pandora comes to mind but you never actually got to pick specific songs, you just had to listen to the playlist they created for you) but this one sounds pretty neat. I plan on uploading my library when I get home tonight. I'm excited because I think this will be a good way to discover new music, like if you find a playlist with a lot of songs you like one it but some you don't know, chances are you'll like those songs too. I'm all about discovering new music. Totally man. Oh and for all you fancy phone carrying peoples, for a subscription price you can also access all of these songs from your BlackBerry or whatever it is you important people carry.

Peace and free music love,


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