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Last night I went on a cheap dress mission. In order to avoid temptation (Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Urban, Free People.. I could go on) I drove right past King of Prussia mall like a good little budget shopper. Instead I headed to my much smaller local mall. Now I remember why I NEVER go to the local mall. It blows. For reals. I went to Charlotte Russe and didn't even find on thing to try on. Where are all the dresses? I headed over to Forever21, determined to at least try things on. I gathered about 8 dresses and took them back. For the most part, they were all ok but it also reminded me why I stopped shopping at F21. The sizes pretty much don't mean anything. I have a dress in a size S from a few years ago, what a joke, but last night some of the L's wouldn't zip which is a tad discouraging cause I'm pretttty sure I'm not an XL... Enough of the sizing complaints. Here are 2 of the 3 dresses I picked up.

Like I said, they're pretty but nothing special. With the 3rd dress and a ring, I ended up spending about $80. I think I would rather have one dress I really like then 3 so-so ones. But I was in a time crunch, I really needed something to wear out this weekend so these will have to do.

While I was riding the elevator in Macy's, some crazy sales lady starts a conversation with me. If you've never seen me in public, I think I come off as fairly unapproachable, which is not an accident. I'm not a huge fan of talking to random people I know, let alone complete strangers. She asked me if I was in school (gotta love that question at 22). When I told her I had a job she asked me where I work. I told her a steel mill, hoping that would shut her up. She then proceeds to offer me a job at Macy's. I said No thanks, my job is full time. Oh, we have full time positions here, she says, would you ever consider leaving your job for a job here? Listen lady, I'm not quitting my engineering job to work at Macy's. She followed me and kept talking about seasonal positions and the great employee discount until I left Macy's...Well, at least if this whole crazy electrical engineering thing doesn't work out, I have a fall back job at Macy's.

Peace and don't talk to me in public*,


*unless you're an adoring fan of my blog, then talk away!

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WendyB said...

The yellow dress is a pretty color.