project runway eve

Tomorrow is the premier of Project Runway. Obv I am looking forward to watching. Although it's kind of sad because this was one show that I used to watch at college with my roommates on our giant comfy couches... It won't be the same watching it at home with the parents. Our couches aren't as big either.

Based completely on their pictures on bravotv.com, here are the people I think I will like:

Blane - 23, Washington. He looks like a laid back surfer. He wears semi tight jeans and a purple hoodie. He has longish blond hair. Pretty cute. (Perhaps he is straight? One can dream...) His fashion 'must' is neon anything!

Kelli - 27, Ohio. She's wearing jeans with bleach stains and holes all over them and a black shirt. She has one whole arm tatted up. Her fashion 'must' is a party dress (omg, me too!). She has her own boutique already. She seems cute.

Wesley - 23, Massachusetts. Oh Wesley. He's wearing really really tight grey pants which are also kinda short. Black shoes and a tight tucked in black button down. Is that a faux hawk? Maybe. His fashion 'must' is big old sunglasses and he describes his style as 'clean, classic and sophisticated.'

Keith - 26, Utah. He's wearing dark jeans, flip flops and a black t-shirt. His fashion 'must' are great fitting jeans, which seems strange cause his own jeans look a bit big (but maybe I've been brainwashed by all these skin tight jeans on guys...).

Some other predictions:

First to be out - Jerry (he will also cry).

Jerrell also looks like a crier.

Emily looks mean. Maybe that's why Jerry is crying...

Judging from her outfit on bravotv.com, I will most likely not like anything that Stella makes. Too many grommets...

The fact that Daniel's fashion 'must' is a novelty blazer makes me not want to like him. A Christian wannabe..?


The cast photos are kind of underwhelming but I'm sure they will all be better in person. Plus, I'm just pumped for Heidi, Tim, Nina and Michael!!

What are your predictions??

Peace and auf wiedersehen,


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