unexpected choices

I hit up King of Prussia after work yesterday. I went into DSW first, which was a mistake I guess because I ended up spending like $100... The first pair of shoes I got is purely an influence of reading fashion blogs. I can't imagine myself even giving these shoes a second look let alone trying them on and buying them before I became so enthralled with the fashion blog world. I was just going to post a generic picture of the shoes from the web but I think I'll save it and actually post an outfit picture with them. I also picked up this hot pair of Steve Madden platform heels. Apparently Karla from Karla's Closet thought they were awesome and amazing as well, cause she bought them too and you can see her in them here. Adorable, no? Can't wait to wear them.

I strolled over to Bloomingdales and it was kind of underwhelming. I tried on a few things but I only ended up getting this one Free People dress.

It's really pretty. I'm not sure if it will look ok as a night-time-going-out dress, but we'll see....

I went to Urban on my way out and I tried on eight dresses and I didn't get a single one! That bubble one looked absolutely ridiculous, as predicted. I have no idea how people can pull those crazy things off. I almost got that beautiful green dress with the pink buttons that I've talked about a bunch of times but I resisted again. Not sure why. There were some cute dresses but none of them were worth their price tags, in my opinion.

Last night we went to trivia at this bar in West Chester. We started off pretty strong, and peaked in the second round. Some highlights:

In the season finale of Seinfeld, what was the jail sentence for the characters?

What is the only vegetable that uses all 5 vowels?

Name the counties in NJ that end in -sex.

What was baby's real name in Dirty Dancing?

What does MAC stand for (as in MAC machine)?

What is inside popcorn kernels that make them 'pop'?

We were doing pretty well and then we answered like 2 question in the last 2 rounds, so unfortunately we did not win. It was still very fun though! Anything involving towers of beer and my friends is always a good time.

Peace and hot platform heels,


answers: 1 year (pretty much the only question I knew all night), cauliflower, Middlesex Sussex and Essex, Francis, Money Access Center, water!

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