fashion shoot

Get pumped!! Fashion pictures!! Here are the shoes I bought last week, the ones that I said I probably wouldn't have tried on before I started blogging and reading other fashion blogs. I probably would have thought they were interesting but not wearable but now that I have expanded my fashion horizons, I can think of a few things to wear them with...

They are actually Steve Madden Madden Girl, which is strange because they look rather grown up, no? Like something a school teacher would wear. A sexy schoolteacher...

They look cute with skinny jeans. I need to find a good shirt. Perhaps a button down to go along with the whole school vibe. I think they will be a good 'transition into fall' shoe.

Here they are with my velvety Free People dress. Ignore the bed without sheets. Pay attention to the shag carpet and the trunk with all my concert tickets.

Peace and too much posting,