tie dye and flowers

So I know these pictures aren't the best, but this is the best I can do by myself with no photographer (my sister is in a bad mood) or tripod. The first pictures are just what I wore to work today, minus the work boots. I was just bored in my kitchen and I love tie dye so much I decided to play around with the camera.

How could you wear this shirt and be in a bad mood? Impossible!


Tie dye close up.

And now you can understand why I can't take daily wardrobe shots - jeans and t shirts (even tie dye ones) ain't that interesting...

Shirt - no idea, I think it's my sisters (maybe that's why she's mad...),
Jeans - Sevens, feet - my own

The next shots are a recreated weekend outfit from last Saturday night down the shore. This is the F21 dress I was talking about but couldn't find a picture of online. The random belt I picked up went surprisingly well with the dress, although it did make it SIGNIFICANTLY shorter. And boy do I love these shoes. Hotness. Of course down the shore I wore it with flip flops so I wouldn't have to worry about silly things like walking or standing upright.

Dress + Belt close up

This is my attempt to get the shoes in the picture...

Dress closeup

And the shoes!

Cool neckline, no?

Another shoe shot.

Dress - Forever21,
Belt - Cynthia Rowley but I got it at Marshall's holler,
Awesome shoes - Steve Madden

Just watched Project Runway. It's kinda strange that I actually called it that Jerry would be the first one out. It was based on nothing other then his picture haha. Maybe I'm psychic... And I also predicted that I would like Kelli, which I do. Her dress was AMAZING. The top was a little strange but it was coffee filters and she used the metal part of a spiral notebook for clasps for the back of her dress! So creative. Oh and let me just clarify, Blane looked ALOT cuter/manlier/less gay in his Bravotv picture then he did on the show, which is why I thought he was possibly cute and straight, but that's obviously not the case because he didn't stop saying 'girlicious' the entire show.

It's way too late for me to still be awake sooo goodnight!

Peace and pictures (finally),



WendyB said...

Your tie-dye is very cheerful!

karla said...

loving the strappy steve madden shoes! ;) linked you!