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I got a new phone last night!

A little about my cell phone history: My first phone was that really thick navy blue Nokia phone back in high school. You know, the one that had Snake and didn't flip closed. Sophomore year of college, I convinced my parents that I was the ONLY person at Lehigh with a phone that old (and that really wasn't a lie). So we got new phones for Christmas that year, new FLIP phones. I felt so fancy even though they were basic Cingular phones, no screen or anything. I had this phone until Senior year when the screen started to act all crazy. My friend Maggie had an extra phone and generously gave it to me. It was basically the same phone but with a screen, which I thought was super neat. One afternoon senior year I was walking to class in the rain and texting, and I guess my phone got too wet and the pound button stopped working. The pound button, big deal, right? Well, the pound button is the space bar for text messages. For the past year and a half all of my text messages have.looked.like.this. Some people thought I was strange, others thought I was trying to start a no space trend... And I wasn't able to download any ringtones so my phone had the lame generic ring, so UNCOOL. So you can imagine my excitement for my brand new phone.

I got the LG shine! It's the phone on the commercial with LC! It's shiny and has a mirror so when I am not talking about myself I can be staring at myself!! It's really the perfect phone for me.

The things I have to get used to: the keys are pretty tiny so sending text messages is a little more challenging, and I have tiny fingers! I'm not sure how people with big hands would be able to text or even dial well... I got my old ringtone back (China Grove by Doobie Brothers, obv) but it doesn't have very good text message tones and I'm not sure if you can download new ones (anyone know?).

Things that I love already: I can send mass text messages, I can have spaces between my words in text messages, I can put my phone on silent by holding down pound (it was such a bother without that freaking pound key), plus it's just pretty looking.

Tonight I am hitting up Bloomingdales and DSW and possibly FP and Urban on my way home from work to get some good dresses for this loooong weekend down the shore. Shockingly, I have already worn all my dresses so I need some new ones to throw into the mix. The Bloom website sucks so much I don't usually do any pre-shopping on it. The Urban one, on the other hand, it quite lovely and has a lot of dresses on it. I would gladly take any of these:

Free People Himilayan Crochet Dress, $128
Not sure if it's 'going out' material, but adorable nonetheless.

Lux Open Back Sundress, $58

How bright and pretty! The back is neat too, check it out.

Lux Tie Back Bubble Tunic, $68

I don't know why I am always drawn to bubble dresses, they always looks so strange on me... I love the buttons though.

Lux Summer in Siam Dress, $58

The straps are braided. Enough said.

Free People Yuka Flower Dress, $118

Looks plain from the front but the back is really cool. May be a tad too fancy for the bars down the shore, but that's never stopped me from wearing anything before.

Cherry Stripe Dress, $88

The name alone... I want.

Lux Braidstrap Print Dress, $58

So, does anyone know of a good dress rehab I could check myself into (after this weekend, of course)?

Peace and shiny new things,


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