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In an attempt to further improve this already amazing awesome blog, last night I bought the domain www.thefashionhead.com. I am hoping to learn more about domains and hosts and all that kind of stuff. As of this moment, I still have not figured out how to get my .blogspot blog to appear under my fantastic new domain name, so I'm still using the old name. This whole Internet deal is confusing, no? If anyone has any helpful hints on using this new domain name, please let me know!

This weekend was awesome and fun, as usual. I skipped out of work a little early and picked up Courtney in Philly. We hit some traffic on the way down but it wasn't too bad. We arrived around 6, packed a cooler, and headed to the beach where some of the girls already were hanging out. It's lovely and peaceful being on the beach in the evening. We had it completely to ourselves. I cooked up the chicken nugs for dinner and they were a big giant hit. I wore my new black F21 dress with my new red belt and it looked better then I thought it would, so that was a pleasant surprise. After a significant pregame, we danced the night away at the bar and hit up Wawa on the way home where I purchased a wrap and baked chips (a very healthy end of the night meal, if I may say so myself). Saturday was BEAUTIFUL. We literally spent the entire day on the beach with the exception of eating meals and refilling the cooler. I took a shower in our outside shower and it was lovely and refreshing. Showering indoors is highly overrated. On Saturday night I wore my new gold F21 dress, which also looked better then I remembered (maybe the Forever21 dressing room is to blame...). Another night filled with drinking and dancing but unfortunately not healthy meals (mmm... pizza...). We got some beach time in on Sunday before we had to leave. I finished the book I was reading, Rant by Chuck Palahniuk. Next weekend I'm going to start another Chuck P. book, Choke. AND I did not feel sick or hungover at all. All in all, a pretty fantastic weekend!

Tonight's plans include going to the gym and making my sister take some pictures of me in reenacted weekend outfits.

Peace and my expanding blog empire,



the dirty said...
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the dirty said...

F21 sounds so much classier! wise choice lady.