i'm a hypocrite.

Allow me to explain.

I got down to the beach Thursday night. The traffic wasn't bad but that's only because I have such good car karma (I usually always let people in, I never speed down lanes when I know they are going to end soon, I'm a very nice driver and therefore I don't get caught up in as much traffic as regular drivers because of karma. Duh). There were a few people down at the house. We decided to stay in and drink on the porch, which was a lovely idea since I didn't really feel like going out anyways. We were all just hanging out waiting for everyone to get down. This one kid on our house showed up with... American Flag bandannas for everyone. I immediately grabbed one, I was pretty excited. Now, I just re-read my last post, where I alluded that wearing an actual American Flag would somehow be classless. So I'm not sure why I was so excited for this bandanna. Anyways, the guys were discussing the various ways to wear it (like a full covering bandanna or folded over a la Bruce Springsteen). The girls decided to wear theirs tied around their arms or ankles. I was pretty sure I wanted to wear mine on my head like the guys, but I have no why...

We woke up on Friday feeling refreshed and ready to go. I went for a 5 mile run (well, I ran 2.5 miles then I stopped at my uncles house for water and breakfast, then I ran 2.5 miles back to my house). We got the party started around 3 (well, some people started around noon...). I decided to wear my new Free People dress. I wasn't sure if it would be a good nighttime dress but I think it was. The only problem was it's a tad see-through and I did not bring the proper underwear so I think people probably saw my blue flowered underwear under the dress but I figured it was ok since the dress itself had blue flowers on it (don't you just love drunk reasoning?). After drinking pretty heavily for a few hours, we headed out to happy hour around 6. I decided to wear the bandanna as a bandanna... Maybe not the most classy decision but at the moment I thought I looked ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE (don't you love drunk wardrobe choices?) So I threw on the bandanna along with my white aviators and headed out to the bar. It was pretty hilarious, a lot of pictures were taken but none by me so I have to wait until the photographers decide to put them up before I can share. We lasted at the bar until about 9 at which point most people came home to eat and drink for free (geez, those bar drinks are way overpriced). Mostly everyone passed out and did not make it back out. For some reason, I made it back out (and I also managed to put the bandanna on again... ), which was probably not the best idea. I was so sick the entire day Saturday. All I ate was Tums until about 7pm. It was awful. I did not make it back out Saturday night. I really need to work on better pacing. Goal for this weekend: go out both nights.

Next weekend we might have a little golf pros/tennis hos party so I'm on the lookout for a cute tennis or golf outfit that is not only adorable and fashionable, but also ho-ish. Gotta fit in, ya know.

Peace and tum diets,


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