Here are some things I am thankful for on this lovely Friday:
  • Last night I went to dinner with my bff's from high school and it was fun and awesome. We all live so close to each other and sometimes I take the for granted. It's pretty rare for friends to all move home after college, but we all did. And I'm thankful they're all here. We went to Cosi and sat outside and ate delicious sandwiches and then we made smores. The weather was perfect for outdoor dining.
  • Its actually Friday (duh)!! This week felt really long and I'm glad its over. I'm leaving for the beach in about 2 hours!
  • My boss has been on vacation all week and I have taken some ...liberties with my hours. Which is why I may just leave at 3:30 today even though I took a lunch. But the lunch doesn't really count when you don't actually get food, right? I got a quick eyebrow wax and was disappointed by the dress selection at Marshall's but I did pick up a red belt to wear with one of my F21 dresses this weekend...(will there be picture updates of this lovely belted dress, you ask? no, probably not.. Lame...)
  • The upcoming fun and relaxing weekend at the shore with clean clothes (I finally got around to doing laundry, score).
  • One of those wish-y things flew into my car yesterday and I made a wish, obviously, so I'm pretty excited for that to come true.
  • Car karma - I let 2 cars in at a particularly annoying merge point on my way to work - which means I should have no traffic troubles on the way down to the shore. Gotta love car karma... (I know that little black car that cut me off yesterday is sitting in bumper to bumper somewhere right now...)
  • Aaaand the radio station is playing a block of Grateful Dead RIGHT NOW. Can't get any better then that!

Hope everyone takes the time to be thankful for the little (and big) things in their lives!

Have a fantastic lovely awesome amazing weekend, everyone!

Peace and thankfulness,


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