the day after

Yesterday was probably one of the worst birthdays I've had in recent years. And I'm not trying to sound all 'feel bad for me' but it was just a not so good day. I worked all day, which is zero fun in itself. Last year my birthday was on a Sunday, so there was no work. And the year before that, I didn't have a job... So working on your birthday is kind of depressing. Everyone should have the day off on their birthday! Then after work I went to pick my car up from inspection. I was expecting the bill to be somewhere between $100 and $200 but it turned out to be almost $500!! Something with wheels and alignment or whatever. Mechanic bastards. The only good thing was I got to see my family, we all went over my uncles for a little birthday celebration. My nana made strawberry cake cause it's my favorite. My aunts and uncles still give me 20's so that's pretty sweet. But I was pretty tired and in a semi bad mood from the car thing so I left around 9 and went to bed.

Don't get me wrong, it was not an awful day by any stretch of the imagination, but for as long as I can remember I've always had like super fun birthdays. I remember growing up we used to transform our backyard into a carnival. My dad would make all sorts of games and each of my aunts and uncles and neighbors would run them. The entire neighborhood of kids would come. We had spin art and ring toss and face painting and relay races and sand art. (If you were a six year old, you would be totally jealous right now) One year my uncle even bought a pony! Seriously! My parents were so creative. I mean I'm sure the parties still cost a bunch of money but they were way more fun then any sort of Chuck E Cheese/Leaps and Bounds deal. (Both popular children birthday party locations when I was a kid, if you are unfamiliar.) As I got older I still had pretty awesome parties, mostly sleepovers. I had a surprise 13th or 14th birthday party, and surprise parties are always pretty fun. It's so nice to think that everyone at the party had known about it and had been thinking about you and the party and you had no idea! My 19th birthday was celebrated at my mountain house with a bunch of people from college and home, and beer. I was living at Lehigh during the summer of my 20th birthday so we had a pretty big house party, which the cops so lovingly broke up. My 21st birthday was a shitshow. I took a bunch of friends down the shore for the night I turned 21, which conveniently happened on a Friday. That Saturday I had a combination family/friends rager at my house that was also pretty awesome (think of my parents and aunts teamed up with my friends for beer pong, my uncles playing flip cup). People still talk about that party. Even last year I managed to get a pretty big group together at my house to celebrate my 22nd. This year I was just not that into it. Plus, nobody likes you when you're 23. :(

So I guess my less then fantastic birthday was my own fault, but at least I have a lot of good birthday memories! Plus, maaaybe there will be some celebrations down the shore this Friday.

Peace and facepaint,


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Fleurr De Lux said...

We don't discriminate against 23 year olds! Ha ha!
Thanks for the vote, love!
xoxo M&L